Dan Philips: Sumptuous Shiraz

Dan Philips, wine expert and founder of the Grateful Palate, reviews the history of Australian Shiraz and the foods he likes to pair with it.

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[MUSIC] No one made bad wine in '02. It's hard to make bad wine in '02. Because the numbers just naturally went to where they were supposed to be. It was long, no rain, you had unbelievable balance. Wines that were a little bit more elegant and European in style. So, if you have friends coming over for dinner and you want to impress them with European-style, Australian wine, go to 2002 as a vintage. Syrah and Shiraz are exactly the same grape. [MUSIC] Exactly the same grape. Is it Shiraz or Shiraz, I ask that on my very first trip there. There's no kind of dialect or regional dialect that defines how it's said. You hear it every possible way in Australia. You would suspect that because there is a city called Shiraz, that there might be some connection, but there's no historical proof of that. There's also some suggestion that as [UNKNOWN]. Migrated across Europe, dialects changed and Syrah became Shiraz. There's no historic evidence that it is Persian by origin and why it's called Shiraz in Australia and no where else
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Dan Philips: Sumptuous Shiraz