Cool Bridge Landing

Sticking with the blue-and-white palette that runs throughout the living room, the designer shook things up a bit, giving the bridge a California-cool vibe infused with deeper indigo hues.

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[MUSIC] Right, when you come to the top of the stairs, you'll see the landing which acts as sort of a bridge between two sides to the upstairs of the house. And it's really just a great hangout space. You're up high so it just feels like a tree house. There's a beautiful view that looks out into the living room. It's been furnished with a pair of chairs and an ottoman on top of a really fun blue striped rug. The space is predominantly white walls, which are the same white throughout the entire house, and white upholstered armchairs. Suzanne did such a great job of just bringing hits of color into that space with a little pair of pillows nestled in the chairs A bright blue lamp and the blue striped rug. It's a nice way to just add color to the space without it being overpowering. And still giving it sort of its own unique personality. At the top of the upstairs landing there's really two sides you can go. You can take one path and come over to girl's and boy's bedrooms. On the opposite side is the guest room and bunk room. Right as you turn the corner, you come up just a few steps, and there's a beautiful blue painting, and that was sort of, I think Suzanne's nice way of saying you've arrived at the colorful part of the house.
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Cool Bridge Landing