This hardworking multipurpose room houses a dishwasher, a sink, and miles of storage space. Underfoot, outdoor slab pavers give this utility space durability with an earthy, timeworn feel.

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[MUSIC] One of the challenges of an open concept floor plan where the kitchen is visible from all angles and rooms is that often times you do need a space for those hardworking and messy elements in a kitchen. And, so this was just brilliantly conceived in this house to have, what they're calling, the clutter room and it's where all of the prep can be done before entertaining. And it's just a really great space to just sort of hide all the mess. The clutter room feels distinct from the kitchen because all the materials are changed. The cabinetry in this room is white and the floor is a beautiful stone floor. It feels almost rustic. There's a center table and it's a great space to set down your groceries, stash your purse and your keys. There's an entire wall of built-in shelves, and they are great for dishes and whatever you may need for entertaining. Along another wall is a bank of windows and under that is a prep sink. Suzanne has outfitted the room with Roman shades. These actually have a striped fabric on them, and just add a bit of color in sort of the neutral tones in the room. Suzanne has framed a collection of antique ribbons that hang in the room, and they really add a burst of color to these dark khaki walls. Along one wall, there's a bank of cabinetry that holds two wine refrigerators and then a center stainless steel refrigerator that's just great for extra drinks and small items. Above that is a one big open shelf and also has space below for a bulletin board. And it's just a really nice vintage school house feel to it that ups the style factor in the room just a little bit. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Clutter Room