Clark’s Oyster Bar in Austin Wins at Day-Drinking

In Austin, day drinking is synonymous with waking up. Ok, that sounds a little extreme, but Austinites do love leisurely sipping libations under the sun (or really in any weather conditions). Who doesn’t? Don’t get me wrong, we obviously get things done too, but with more than 229 bright sunshiny days out of the year, and with the sun rising early and setting late, we have also plenty of daytime to find a nice patio or an air-conditioned respite for relaxing with friends over refreshing cocktails and snacky bites. My favorite place to day drink is at Clark’s Oyster Bar in the Clarksville neighborhood. The chill yet upscale seafood spot is perfect for meeting friends and for people watching. Pop open a bottle or two of Crémant or Brut Rosé, order few martinis or a signature cocktail pair it all with a dozen cold-water oysters, crudo, lobster rolls, cioppino and the must-have Clark’s burger. The burger is pan-roasted and topped with Gruyère and sauce gribiche on a slightly sweet, soft brioche bun, then served with crispy matchstick rosemary fries. IMHO it is the best burger in Austin, and is a delicious friend indeed when you’re in need, on a fun afternoon spent day drinking.—Deana Saukam of Faim Fatale (@faimfatale) and F&W's Around the World Network

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Clark’s Oyster Bar in Austin Wins at Day-Drinking