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[MUSIC] Hi my name is Clara, and one of my beats at travel leisures Italy. Italian restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and up and coming destinations. In fact, i'm half Italian. And have a family apartment in Florence. So I get to go there quite often. The first thing I do when I land is have breakfast on the terrace of Hotel [UNKNOWN] overlooking the city. The views are fantastic. For dinner my cousins recently turned me onto this fabulous restaurant in [UNKNOWN] packed with locals called [UNKNOWN]. I'm still thinking about their gorgonzola gnocchi. Besides Italy, I love to dance, it's something I always seek out when I travel. In Brazil I discovered this great little beach town called [UNKNOWN], just south of Salvador De [UNKNOWN], and I spent a week learning how to dance [FOREIGN]. It's an experience that I'll remember forever. The saddest part about travel is returning home, because you realize that the vacation you'd been looking forward to for so long is over. Whenever I get back from a trip I invite friends and family over to watch a slide show of my adventures. It's a great way to keep the vacation going. Have fun on your next trip. And feel free to tweet me if you have any questions about Italy, or any other part of the world. Ciao! [MUSIC]
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Clara Sedlak