Christmas Cookies at Mozzicato DePasquale Bakery & Pastry

Gino Mozzicato tells the stories behind his bakery's classic Christmas cookies.

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[SOUND] My full name is Luigi Motzicatto. Everybody call me Geno, since I was a little baby. Nobody knows my name is Luigi, matter of fact. I grew up in Sicily. When I was a little boy my mother and my sister, they baked the best cookies. I learn and I just watch I moved to this country in 1968. In 1973 we started the [UNKNOWN] bakery. It's about 24, or 25 cakes of pure Italia. That's why we're famous. We have biscotti [UNKNOWN]. We re-bake it. It was twice baked, we call it. The rococo. You know, they made with [INAUDIBLE] and nuts and the almond. It makes you water in your mouth because they crunch. You know? The baci, we call the white case and chocolate case. We do butter cookies with different topping. We do fruit. We have the crescents shaped like half moon. Some are topped with nuts. We have an almond cookies topped with a pignoli. [MUSIC] Amaretti means the cinnamon flavor. It's a little bit on the bitter side they come nice and crunchy the Ameretti no. Christmas holiday we sell thousands and thousands of platter. Cookie platters in that precise from three pounds to 20 pounds you know? We ship all over the United States. Even as far as to Alaska Day before Christmas when I open the store six-thirty in the morning, quarter to seven, always I got a line around the block waiting for me to open. They come back over here because we've been treating the customers like family, that's why I love to come in everyday see my friend and the people that come in. Christmas cookies is a tradition- It's no Christmas if you don't have the Christmas cookie, especially from [UNKNOWN]. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Christmas Cookies at Mozzicato DePasquale Bakery & Pastry