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[MUSIC] So much of food is about experience. So when somebody experiences a good product and they can see the person that produced it is passionate about it, I think they then in turn enjoy that product more and enjoy their experience, which will lead them back. [MUSIC] Hi I'm Berton Bertagna and we're here at Bertagana orchards Inc and Bertagana sun kissed vineyards. My grandfather came over from Italy in 1914 down here to the valley though in Chico. He had his classic little ranchette that he produced a lot of products that he ate right on his little ranch. When I was young, I was my dad sidekick. The same way my father enjoyed growing up on a farm with his dad, I did the same. Czechos unique in that, it is where the almond industry really did start. They've always been called almonds up in Northern California and that's kinda where the industry started and everybody called them almonds. However As you go south, people call them almonds, even the farmers call them almonds, but kinda one of the jokes is is that in the tree there are almonds, on the ground there is amonds because we've knocked the L out of them. The fact that you're working these orchards for 20 to 30 years, they become part of you. We take a lot to heart because we care about them. Lots of great products from almonds and it all starts just from a flower in the orchard and then it ends up a kernel and we're all finished. I feel privileged to say that my great grandfather when he came over here and he was making some wine and I started doing the same thing. I was able to make a business out of it and our wine Winery has now grown and that people are enjoying our wine. You've got a lot going on in Chico. You've got all your local foods that are produced. You've got your college campus with all your kids. You've got families coming in to visit. So you have a lot of restaurants. They can use a lot of these local products, and there's a lot of food available so Chico has its own vibe. I called Burton and asked him if he'd be interested in coming to one of our tasting events. The amount of pride, and passion, and heart that they're putting into what they do. There is so much meaning behind the food that were eating.>> It's fun because now you're sitting there among You're eating dinner with the producers of those products. You walk away feeling good that you know where your food came from, it all came local, prepared by a local restaurant and so you really get a good taste when you go into Farwood of what our area has to offer. You know, when we, we want to know where our food came from. We want quality. There's a huge difference when you taste something local instead of who knows where it came from. If you really want to experience something as far as really good foods or good wines, the field to fork movement is great because it's a prefect expression of that. When people buy local, when they buy California egg You're getting a product that a California farmer is really striving to do a great job. All that comes in play I think with our heritage.
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