ChefSteps: Tough vs. Tender Cuts

ChefSteps explains why some cuts of meat are tender, and some are tough.

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[MUSIC] When you've got an animal, say a four legged mammal, whether it's a cow, a lamb, a pig, a wooly mammoth, whatever, that animal can be divided Divided into different cuts of meat. And those pieces of meat are going to be either tough or tender, based on what that part of the animal does. Tough cuts are going to be things like the shoulder, the neck, the legs; parts of the animal that support its weight or do a lot of activity. These muscles are tough because they have a lot of collagen, which is what holds the muscles together and connects them to the bones. Collagen makes muscles tough and chewy, but it can be broken down by heat over time. So these are all cuts that you think of as being cooked over a long time, or slow cooked. [MUSIC] Tender cuts like steaks and chops have the least collagen and can simply be heated and seared to your desired doneness. Those are the basics of tough and tender cuts. Keep cooking and keep learning. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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ChefSteps: Tough vs. Tender Cuts