ChefsFeed visits Revel in Seattle.

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Hi [INAUDIBLE] and this is Revel by the numbers. [MUSIC] Level service asian comfort food, inspired by my Korean goods, like rice bowls. Noodles and dumplings in [UNKNOWN] neighborhood. We do about 200 covers per night. [MUSIC] My signature dish is a kimchee pork belly pancake, made with [UNKNOWN] batter. We sell about 35 orders a night They equivalent of a one whole pig's belly. [MUSIC] Dumplings are one of our most popular menu item. [MUSIC] We make them by hand, over 24 feet at a time. [MUSIC] In two hours, we produce about 600 dumplings in three different flavors. We sell 60 orders of the dumplings per service. 30 short rib, 20 pork, and 10 vegetable. Our rice bowls are also very popular and come in three types. Short rib, tuna, and vegetables. We cook about 10 pounds of rice every service. It means every night our guests eat 185,600 grains of rice. [MUSIC] The signature garnish of rice bowls is an egg yolk. But it's not plain. We cured it in seasoned soy sauce for six hours before they go onto your dish so they are full of savory flavor. [MUSIC] People love our short ribs and we do an insane amount, about 400 pounds a week which takes a lot of prep time. But our season cooks are fast. It takes about 35 minutes to clean and to portion about 80 pound case, which means they can work through 2.28 pounds per minute. Every table gets condiment trays with our four house sauces. Seasoned soy sauce, savory sauce, sweet chili sauce, and funky fish sauce. These have such a cult following that some people come in just to eat them with plain rice. [MUSIC] Not everyone knows [UNKNOWN] is open for lunch and dinner and we serve same menu. Sometimes it might be hard to get in for a dinner service but come in lunch time you can grab a seat. [MUSIC]
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ChefsFeed: Revel