Chefs Reveal Secret Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Even the biggest stars have backup plans. Richard Blais, Christina Tosi, Tim Love and Andrew Zimmern reveal their secret money-making schemes at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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[MUSIC] Taking mochi, like the fluffy Japanese dessert, and making silicone molds of emojis that you find on your phone and making emochis and selling them. Actually reality. I'm a huge gambler, I play blackjack. I win And others lose. I think it's real estate. I think I'm buying a cabin in the woods, I'm gonna start selling cabins to all these fancy chefs. Andrew Zimmern, can I talk to you about maybe this little cabin and it's right on the river? Millions of dollars, no effort at all. It's going to be a life-sized Scott Conant outfit. You get the big head of hair, you get a lot of chest hair, you get the shirt that unbuttons all the way down To here, some Buddhist beads, a whole bunch of stuff like that. A super-tight Italian blazer where you can't cross your arms, and lots of pretty girls kissing you all the time. If you'd like to subscribe to Food & Wine magazine, just go to
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Chefs Reveal Secret Get-Rich-Quick Schemes