Chefs Feed: Uni Chawanmushi

Oakland chef Kyle Itani explains why he loves to order the uni chawanmushi when he visits B-Dama.

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[MUSIC] The first time I had the [FOREIGN] here at [FOREIGN] I didn't even order it. She kind of just sent it out to me. The first bite is just like a warm hug, and I was like this is incredible. I need to get this every time I come here. [MUSIC] I've had Uni Chawanmushi many times before, but Chikara's just has those perfect balance of richness and comfort. Uni Chawanmushi is basically a steamed egg custard. The egg is scrambled with dashi stock that really thins it out but when it's steamed it sets into a very loose kind of panna cotta texture. Chikara puts mushrooms, and shrimp, and chicken breast, spinach, and all these really delicious things. He tops it with uni which just sets it off into another stratosphere. [MUSIC] Just a very homey, comforting dish. It's like each spoonful, there's another hidden surprise. [MUSIC] Really good. [LAUGH] Really good. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Chefs Feed: Uni Chawanmushi