Chefs Feed: Semolina Gnochetti with Pork Meat Sugo

Chef Lizzie Binder on why she loves Semolina Gnochetti with Pork Meat Sugo at La Ciccia in San Francisco.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Lizzie Binder. [MUSIC] And we're here at [UNKNOWN] in San Francisco. We're here to eat a fabulous, fabulous dish, one of my favorites. A Semolina Gnochetti with a Pork Meat Sugo, finish with Facurino. [MUSIC] It's kinda one of those dishes that is kind of pleasantly and very traditional. [MUSIC] Just makes me feel satisfy. [MUSIC] La Ciccia is your quintessential neighborhood restaurant. I love Massimiliano. He's awesome and he's a great chef, but he's also got a great sense of humor. When [INAUDIBLE] I'd come and chat with Massimiliano and we would talk about Who is making great charcuterie, and who is doing salumis and prosciuttos, and things like that. Massimo is from Sardinia, so a lot of the dishes are true to where he grew up, and his personality really comes out in the menu. You know, when I used to come when I lived in this neighborhood, I was here like, I think, every week. To come and eat of some of this delicious pasta for dinner? Is a traditional dish [UNKNOWN], south of [UNKNOWN], the area where I come from. So it's a really staple of our family. Okay, so Lizzy to make this sauce we start with a little bit of our Extra-virgin olive oil [MUSIC], half clove of garlic. Oh yeah, nice and hissy. Fresh chopped onions, nice mild Italian sausage with a little bit of fennel seed inside so you might experience some- Beautiful, beautiful. You know they're quite large nuggets. Yes. It's very important that you can taste all of the ingredients together, but also on it's own. You taste the texture and the flavor of the sausage, the pepper, the [UNKNOWN], parsley. Okay, some parsley. Yep, some freshness. See. Little bit of saffron, saffron is a staple in [UNKNOWN] cuisine. Tomato we kind of use to add a little bit of acidity in the dish because you have fat from the sausage [FOREIGN] It means small veal. Veal? Veal. Like veal? Like the animal. Oh. Yes. Small veal. Yes. Veal is [FOREIGN]. [FOREIGN] is veal. Is it because of the texture. No, because of the shape You see? It reminds you of the center of a cup. So it's a small [FOREIGN]. [BLANK_AUDIO] This is what we call comfort food. You know and you can eat with a spoon. You know it's a>>I think that's why I love it. Because you eat with a spoon. You don't feel guilty.>>Exactley>> As much as you can.>>Exactley>> So let's plate this baby. In a Sardinia cooking we don't use much butter. So we use other types of dairy to finish the dish. This is a beautiful D O P aged pecorino? Yes this is a Pecorino Sardo. It's aged about nine months, this one. Oh my gosh. Yum! I am so hungry. I wish I still lived close. I would be here everyday. [MUSIC] This such a good uncomplicated dish. The sauce is bold and big, you can taste the [UNKNOWN] from the fresh tomato. And then you've got that kind of salty, cheesy element from the pecorino. The pasta's cooked perfectly. It's got density and texture. It's [SOUND], it's just a really warming, comforting dish. [MUSIC]
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Chefs Feed: Semolina Gnochetti with Pork Meat Sugo