Chefs Feed: Rich Table

Chefs Feed visits Evan and Sarah Rich of Rich Table in San Francisco.

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She cornered me by one of the stock kettles and was like. Forced him to go out. [LAUGH] She cornered me. Stopped. She was like, hey. Evan. I know, you're off on Thursday. I am too. We're gonna go to a movie. Here's my number. Call me at 7. And, I mean, you're at work. There's your boss. You're just like, Yes Chef. [LAUGH]. [MUSIC] We we're together for awhile and then we finally got married and Tara was kinda like so we're leaving Manhattan. I want to start a family, where do you want to go? Not only San Francisco, just it was a mix of everything. We could get really good jobs, it had that city feel, it was different. Coming from New York you think it's gonna be easier And it's not. We had nothing. [LAUGH] We had negative money, no friends, none of our stuff cuz it was all in storage. We had the full season of Deadwood that we watched 18 times. We were also that, those guys. Well, in New York, it's good! In New York it's like that part of our kind of arrogance, ignorance. We're like, oh, we'll just go out there, work for a year, and open up a place. You know. That'd be easy. That's so ridiculous that we even thought that. I mean, it took us five years before we opened this place that we're at here. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] I never could imagine the amount of work that went into doing this. We are independent. There's no big restaurant person helping us out. The restaurant as a business. Everyone's like, oh, business plan, business plan, what do your numbers look like? And you're kind of like, I don't know. I have always been trained that it's not about money, it's not about numbers, it's about your craft. You've gotta start talking that talk to open up a business, and realize there's a separation Passion of business. It has taken there being many moments of feeling totally lost and like there was no future and this is never gonna happen. I can't even tell you how many times I called my parents in tears saying, my life is over. This is never gonna happen. I'm gonna be broke for the rest of my life. Really,really hard moments-- There are still loose ends,there are still loose ends. Yes. Anything worth doing is worth putting everything into it and really working hard it hard towards .Nothing is gonna' come to you easily. As I get older now,having a son and another child on the way Its been hard for me to make my career a little bit different. I'm very used to working the 16 hour days and doing nothing but cooking all day. It's definitely harder to kind of figure out how to stay apart of the restaurant and involved in everything but still be there for my family. This is the most I've hung out with him in a long time. Oh, lie. No. I mean, seriously. We don't see each other that much. He doesn't see Van very much, our son, because he's here so much. Like there's a lot that you still have to sacrifice. It's really easy to stay comfortable. But to force yourself to commit to something that throws you off a little bit, you end up learning a lot more about yourself and a lot more about what you're capable of and becoming that much better because of it. What did I say? I've never dealt with so much ****. I never gotten paid so little. Never worked so much. But I love every minute of it. You know. [MUSIC]
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Chefs Feed: Rich Table