Chefs Feed: Opening Night at The Progress

Chefs Feed visits The Progress for opening night.

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[NOISE] So welcome to the opening night. Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! [LAUGH] So we're hovering at about 73 right now. That'll probably grow [INAUDIBLE] wants to do 80. Lighting is so critical and so [INAUDIBLE] important. The lighting is okay here, right? Okay, you guys know these dishes. Front of the house, you've got an incredible kitchen backing you up out there, we can do anything. Kitchen, you've got an incredible front of the house out there who's going to make you guys look real good in your food. All right. Super important that we work together as a team. Let's kill it tonight. Hi there. This is actually the first night where we are opened up to the public. You're some of our first guests, welcome to the project. Yeah. So the menu is here for you. You guys will go through, work together. [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] Good to see you. Is the gluten free version also vegetarian? [CROSSTALK] This is turning into like a LA Story moment. Whoa, that oven is really powerful. They're okay, they're okay. Yeah. We're still working on how to [CROSSTALK] We're having fun with it. We're trying to figure out our lane work back here because it's like, what are we doing? Deer in a headlights. If you to table. [CROSSTALK] How was it? [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Don't hurt yourself. [LAUGH] Nice to see you, happy holidays. You guys are so busy right now. Not bad for a first night you guys. Not bad at all. But I just don't want somebody who's coming in as a vegetarian. Well, and like, me I was only able to eat four out of the eight dishes that my table ordered. We've got to supersede expectations. I think we do need an alternative. Okay, guys let's hit the road. Cleaners are here, we're all tired. [SOUND] I love coming out and just staring at it. Four years in the making and we've got this whole building, the whole upstairs. Think we're ready for a sign or what? [SOUND] Let's go All right, let's go home. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Chefs Feed: Opening Night at The Progress