Chefs Feed: Opening night at Hapa Ramen

Chefs Feed visits San Francisco's Hapa Ramen on opening night.

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[LAUGH] That's good. They aren't charging us five dollars tonight that's good. Not tonight. What happened there? [LAUGH] [NOISE] So opening night we have a nice line going outside [SOUND] [CROSSTALK] Hi, how are you? Sure, you can follow me this way. Thank you enjoy our first night of opening. [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] Hello, great how are you doing? [CROSSTALK] [CROSSTALK] Stat on the ramen bowl because we gotta get going, okay? Alright, I need my ramen bowls. I need one regular bowl and one You know where five chicken rolls go? Behind. Behind. Hot. Hot. You're gonna go 2. Start running on 24. Patrick, I need two more buns, please. I need a refire. It's our first night. Get these plates out of your way. Noodles are better right? Try to do more like Simin style Like 12. This is your coffee. [LAUGH] Thank you. Do you think we're gonna get hit hard again in a little bit? Yeah, we're done. All right. I'm stepping off. Offline. Which station washes the fridge and freezer down? Cuz if we put crab on plate, wash it off. I just don't know how I'm gonna pick crab and not No, you don't like crab, I'm gonna make you pick it yourself and then you'll definitely stop eating it all. [LAUGH] Thanks you guys. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Chefs Feed: Opening night at Hapa Ramen