Chefs Feed: Hamburgeusa

Here's why chef Alex Ong orders the bacon-packed, guac-topped hamburgeusa with he visits Don Pisto's in San Francisco.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Alex Ong. I'm here at Don Pistell's. It's one of the most hidden gems in San Francisco. And I am here for my usual The hamburguesa. [MUSIC] It's fresh rib chuck. And they grind it with roasted onions and bacon and serves it on a toasted bun. A nice heap of guacamole on top. It's truly a unique burger. I mean everybody has lettuce, slice, onion, their secret sauce. Would you like cheese with that. Some people serve it with truffles. I think that nobody in this country does it this way. It's simplicity at its best. [MUSIC] My relationship with Don Pistos is through the owner Pete Mrabe. Very good friend of mine, and a highly regarded chef. I actually had this burger down in Ensenada. It was the best burger I've ever had in my life. And the topping that goes on right now is what I put on it that day and it was perfect for me so I just left it that way. We take the bacon and then you got roasted onions in here. Roasted onions, we cook these onions bacon fat after the bacon. And it's crispy. That's the secret right there. Fancy. Our mix of sauces. And what is this right here? It looks like soy sauce. Don't worry about what that is. Okay. well that's a secret there. And obviously you got to salt and pepper it. Salt and pepper. That's for seasoning. We whisk all this together. The reason I do it this way is so that everything's Fully blended and we don't have a big salt patch or a big bacon patch in of the burgers, that everything's just completely mixed. Which cut of the beef do you use? This is ground chuck roll, Alex. And that's about it, that's all the mixing you need. Tends to make it tough if you mix the meat too much and try and get everything fully incorporated that way. We let that sit for overnight and then we patty it out in the morning. So this guacamole that we use on the burger is a little different then the guacamole we use at the restaurant for dipping chips and everything else. It's roasted tomato's, Serrano chile's that are charred on the barbecue, salt, and avocado's. The burger itself has acid inside the marinade so this guacamole, the only acid comes from the roasted tomato's. And smell that smokiness from the peppers and the char from the tomatoes? [BLANK_AUDIO] Really good. Yup. So I'm just making sure the burger is nice and tight here. The grill's on high heat. It's a five ounce patty, so. Wanna get a high heat to get a perfect mid-rare, slap this right on the grill. [MUSIC] Probably go about three minutes on each side. [MUSIC] So once the burger's flipped, we start getting the bread ready. On a bun, a little mayo, that's a healthy Throw some mayonnaise there. I don't want the bun to dry out. [MUSIC] Let's do it. [MUSIC] I'm going to devour this. It's served with a little bit of lime on the side, but I don't need that. Stack this on there, okay? There's no pretty way to eat this. Just gonna pick it up and eat. No words. I'm sorry, but, it's astounding. This is a heavy mix of the smokey-ness from the peppers, it's got a little bit of heat on the tongue, the creamy-ness of the guacamole itself. Excuse me while I take another bite. [MUSIC] Easily one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Chefs Feed: Hamburgeusa