Chefs Feed: Elevated with Matty Matheson

Chefs Feed visits Toronto chef Matty Matheson

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[MUSIC] When I was 29, I had a heart attack. Who has a heart attack at 29? I don't know anyone. [MUSIC] With this chef stuff and partying, everyone knows what the **** goes on Everyone goes out and parties every single night and you show up and your hung over and you cook. Obviously it caught up with me. Hey man you drink 40 drinks **** happens. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC] Doctors told me I had to take three months off. But I'm like no the restaurant doesn't wait three months, it doesn't wait a day, it doesn't wait a anything. Within ten days I was back at work. And then it still took me about a year to kinda snap out of my ego and think I wasn't invincible. I was still really naive to things. I didn't work under an executive chef and mentor up and become a chef to cuisine and then become a chef. I was like a drunk cook who was given these opportunities. I think I was getting by on just me being a good line cook and me making good food. [MUSIC] I started taking it very seriously I think. It was definitely a new thing that I had actual responsibility like the first time I got a review I was like, oh you get reviews like I didn't even **** understand that stuff. It's so loud it's so loud. When somebody writes that I'm like what? We don't want a 45 year old food writer to understand what the **** we're doing. We wanted 20 somethings early thirties people to come in and party and eat like **** vikings. We want to do what we want to do. That's it. The food quality I always felt it was really on point. I like really small, dainty, beautiful dishes. And then I have really large plates. The PNL burger happened from me going on a TV show and winning a TV burger contest You know, and I was like, okay, I guess we're gonna be opening up a burger place soon, because we have lineups at our restaurant for burgers. Being hung over for 15 years, you kinda get some fear in your life and now I'm like that's gone I'm a part of two collaborative chef groups. I am shooting a tv show. I run four companies. I don't have time to be hung over. I don't have time to live that lifestyle. I'm **** busy. [MUSIC] I think my partners care about me. I think we're actually friends. [MUSIC] Yeah, they're like, okay, we want to open up other restaurants too. So, get your **** together and we can open up whatever you want. Not a lot of people are like, hey, you want a career? Okay, all you gotta do is do it. Yeah, and not die. You know, that's what it comes down to. I want to live life, I have an opportunity. Am I gonna pass it up? I don't think so. I'm not that stupid. [MUSIC]
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Chefs Feed: Elevated with Matty Matheson