Chefs Feed: Don't Be Rude to the Host

In this Chefs Feed series, chefs reenact the awful diner behaviors that they see every day.

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What the [BLEEP] are you doing? Don't be a [BLEEP] to the host. [SOUND] The restaurant is small so people show up at 7.30, restaurant's already full and the host is stubborn might be an hour and a half late. And people is losing their minds they act like they're personally attacking them By telling him this information, or like we're trying not to seek them, like some kind of cool club. Or no, sorry, it's gonna be our half, are you gonna wait? Are you cool enough? As an owner, I mean, I wanna see everybody. I mean, and then building a restaurant and not meet people. So people will literally are, yeah, we'll just sit and give the death stare at the tables. Or literally hang out near their table to get them to leave. But, it doesn't mean that they are gonna get a seat faster. Treat the host as you would treat anyone else. They have control of when you're going to sit down. Actually, you want to be extra nice to these people. [MUSIC]
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Chefs Feed: Don't Be Rude to the Host