Chefs Feed: Benu by the Numbers

Chefs Feed gets the scoop on everything chef Corey Lee cooks at San Francisco's Benu.

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Hi, I'm Corey Lee, and this has been Benu By the Numbers. [MUSIC] We do about 60 covers per night A typical tasting menu here consists of about 18 different courses. In all, we end up plating about 1080 dishes every service. [MUSIC] During the course of a meal, a dinner will be presented with 13 different place settings. We use 50 different custom serving pieces that were created special for the restaurant. [MUSIC] I'm known for my lobster coral xiao long bao. A Shanghainese dumpling filled with lobster [UNKNOWN] and lobster broth. To make them we plait each dumpling 18 times, we serve about 200 of them a night. [MUSIC] Another popular dish is our anchovy salad. Each guest consumes 50 caramelized baby anchovies in one bite. It's the kind of dining experience we want for our guests. Each service requires 15 chefs, 15 service staff and three administrative staff. [MUSIC] I'm often asked what kind of cooking we do at [UNKNOWN] and I think it's modern San Francisco cooking. San Francisco is a city synonymous with being innovative and open minded and I think we try to reflect that here. [MUSIC]
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Chefs Feed: Benu by the Numbers