A candid discussion with Tom Colicchio as he discusses the senses of cooking, simplicity and how he concepted an evening with John Legend.

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Doesn't have to have this amazingly overdone, overwrought production to be something that's really great. Wine and food together can turn a normal meal into something special. Yeah I like to cook. And I'm actually pretty good at it You know for an amateur. [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] It's something I started doing at a very young age. And just found out I was pretty good at it and I was passionate about it. But I think it's the idea of transforming a raw ingredient into something other than what it starts out to be. [INAUDIBLE] There's also a very physical sort of part of cooking where you know, it involves a lot of senses. People think You know, mostly tastes, maybe visual. But there's also a certain audible sound that you get when you're cooking. You know the idea of a piece of meat hitting a pan and getting that sizzle. [BLANK_AUDIO] I need more lemon wheels. I try to To sort of make this food a little more soulful. More of it came from a conversation at a lunch that John and I had. We got together and, when I had met him over the years, but we actually, decided to spend a little time together, and have lunch. I watched what he ordered. And there was certain things that it was clear, he really was a fan of. But also, It was more about John's background, where he grew up. We talked about things that he had growing up, and so I tried to work some of those flavors in. [MUSIC] I grew up in a family that, our roots are in the south, and we love kind of, homey Southern influence, American food. Soul food I guess you can call it. Even when I go to the nicest of restaurants, it's always nice to have food that has some influence from that. How much do you all collaborate when it comes to this? The wine and the food. I see it two different ways. For this one, I took the menu, and Susan took a look at the menu And max the wines accordingly. Well, tonight we're gonna be pairing a 2008 Pinot Gris with the Hamachi course Tom is preparing, and it's gonna be fabulous. It's very delicate. I think the Hamachi's gonna be very full flavored and the wine has lots of delicate nuances. Had, will lift. [MUSIC] Food is very basic, have to have it every day. Wine Have food together, elevate the experience, eating, can turn just a normal meal, into something special. [MUSIC] I think food and music share a lot of similarities. You only have 12 notes. And yet, there's endless possibilities when it comes to music. I think this same thing is with food. You don't have to make it very complicated for it to be great. You don't have to sit down at a piano or a guitar and play a virtuoso piece. It just needs to sound right and it needs to have a hook and it needs to have soul to it. It doesn't have to have this amazingly overdone, overworked production for it to be something that's really great Cause everybody knows but nobody really knows.
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