Chefs in Conversation: Food vs. Sex

Chefs Tim Love, Michael Chiarello, Carla Hall, Michael Symon, Andrew Zimmern and Kristen Kish talk about food and sex.

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[MUSIC] What's this rated? [MUSIC] Is there food that's better than sex? I don't know about that. Food is better than sex. Does someone think otherwise? When Liz is doing yoga, as much as I love food Not better than sex. Who's doing the cooking and who's doing the screwing? They feed into each other. I think seafood is really sexy actually. I love caviar. Caviar is one of the sexiest things you can eat. Steak is really hardy and fun. And it make you think about hanging out outside and stuff like that. the caviar. Caviar makes you want to hang out next to your lady. I go down into Louisiana and you go into the bayou and they dump 15 pounds of crawdads in the middle of the table. You start pulling that stuff Apart and you start getting stuff into your elbows and big pieces of watermelon. And that to me is Yeah. Sexy food. Sexy food. Really ripe fruit. Yes. Figs and mangoes and grapefruit. Cuz it's juicy. Yeah. You use your hands. Yes. I watched it. Anything you eat with your hands, I think. The process of food is sexy. My girlfriend Like the first time I cooked for her. We made pasta together. We hand rolled it. We made the dough, fed it through the machine. And it was this shared experience and you're just feeling. It's this hands thing. It's touch and stimulation and the feel of food. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, it's beautiful. That's why those plastic gloves should be illegalized forever. I think they should. I find that a sundae is kind of sexy and romantic because you have a caramel and chocolate and it's just oozing off that cold ice cream and melting it slightly. And then you have the whipped Cream and then if you have nuts on your sundae, like toasted almonds, a little bit of crunch, all of those different textures. And then when you eat it, when you have all of those ice cream and the toppings on that spoon And you eat it and you're pulling your lips back on the spoon because you have to get all of that caramel off that spoon. That is sexy. Mm. [MUSIC]
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Chefs in Conversation: Food vs. Sex