Chef Tim Luym's Secret Filipino Breakfast

Watch as Chefs Feed shares a one-minute look at chef Tim Luym's secret Filipino breakfast.

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[MUSIC] So the silog The easiest way to describe it is the Filipino Denny's Grand Slam breakfast. The garlic fried rice acts as the hash browns. Then you have your eggs any style and finally you have you protein. And the one that we demoed was the corn beef slog Three other proteins that go well with the silog plate. Marinated beef called tapa, longanissa sweet cured pork sausages. This is chicken tocino so it's like a sweet cured chicken and so you can pretty much add anything. Different vinegars are used for different dipping sauces or condiments. Sugar cane vinegar Coconut vinegar has a little bit less acidity. Spicy cane vinegar, chili's, onions. Pinakurat vinegar, more spices. Another version of the pinakurat, it kind of has this really intense flavor. [MUSIC]
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Chef Tim Luym's Secret Filipino Breakfast