Chef May Chow's Favorite Hong Kong Restaurants

In this video, Chef May Chow of Little Bao reveals her perfect food day in Hong Kong, which means lots of dim sum, crisp-skinned roast goose and silken egg tarts.

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[MUSIC] I'm May Chow, chef owner of Little Bao restaurant in Hong Kong. Little Bao is an Asian-American diner that focuses on our signature item which is the Chinese burger. We also do seasonal share plates that are influenced by Chinese cuisine. As well as local ingredients. In Hong Kong, you get the best of everything, Chinese cuisine as well as international. It's all about the flavor so it's not really about the environment but about the flavor and the people that you're with. Today, we're gonna take you guys to my favorite spots in Hong Kong. So let's get started and let's get going right now. [MUSIC] My favorite breakfast place is Dim Sum Square. They steam your dim sum fresh and you know it's great because of all the locals inside here. [MUSIC] We ordered a bunch of dim sum for us for breakfast We have here steamed rice rolls with a bit of spring roll inside. This is a new style of [UNKNOWN] and it's like soft crispy all at the same time. So, so good. We have some glutenous rice wrapped in lotus leaf. We have some shrimp dumplings. Just check out this buns. Whoa. There we go. It's like a perfect custard, volcanic bun. [MUSIC] So good. [MUSIC] So, today I'm bringing you guys to my favorite lunch spot in Hong Kong. It's called Yat Lok Roast Goose and the name just tells you they're famous for their roast goose. It's juicy, it's suckling crispy skin and that's why we're bringing you here today. [MUSIC] What you see here is my favorite, favorite lunch option. So this is a roasted gooseling, This is the lower part of the goose and this is the soy sauce chicken. They do it so well the crispy skin luscious meat and all these rice noodles and they even Use the goose bones to roast this soup broth. And it's just all the touches and details, They make so many of these goose every day, every time you come in, it's perfect. [MUSIC] So delicious. [MUSIC] So, when I'm running around in Central, and I and I have this craving for something sweet. This is my go to spot. This is called Tai Cheong Bakery and this is where you get their famous egg tarts. [FOREIGN] This is OG fusion food and it's so good because they turn thousands and thousands of these a day. And they're always warm, fresh out of the oven. And how they make the custard, it's always silky eggy. And the crust is just buttery. It's a cookie base so it's just the best thing you can get for an afternoon tea. [MUSIC] So tonight I'm taking you guys to the funnest place to have seafood in Hong Kong. Tung Po Seafood restaurant is known for their creative way of cooking seafood. It's also super fun cuz you drink beer out of bowls, I open beers with their chopsticks, and it's a great time. So we're gonna go upstairs, meet some of my friends, and have a good time tonight. [MUSIC] As you can see this is a great place to bring your friends. The food is delicious, it's loud, it's a little bit Ridiculous almost. I hope you like all the places I brought you today. And I hope to see your in Hong Kong very soon. [MUSIC]
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Chef May Chow's Favorite Hong Kong Restaurants