Chef Laurent Tourondel Shares a Sneak Preview of L'Amico

Get a peek at chef Laurent Tourondel's new New York City restaurant, L'Amico.

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My new restaurant is going to open in two days. So welcome. I'm going to show you it now. We have the zucchini pizza which I'm going to finish now. What else is on the pizza? Oregano Sea salt. Tomato. And salted zucchini. And this is the product when it's finished. So I'm going to finish with fresh oregano, some of the cheese. Tell us about the ovens that you use? We have this Californian oven from Los Angeles. And then we bake the pizza about 850 degree. I'm gonna finish it with the pepperoncino in a little bit. And what kind of wood do you use in there? A little oil it's a blend of We use a blend of wood inside. It's a beautiful form;elegant. Here we go. Ok. And how long does this pizza take in the oven? about three minutes. Voila. Great. So, now you've got to follow me and I'm going to show you how to make the pasta. Great, and tell us about the menu inspiration for [INAUDIBLE]. It's very Italian or American. So, this is my cappelletti, made with One [INAUDIBLE] with one [INAUDIBLE] and fresh corn also from Long Island. [BLANK_AUDIO] Voila. [BLANK_AUDIO] And for the finish with al little bit of fresh parmesan. And in addition Drench the pasta and pizza. What else can we find on the menu here? You can find some great steak and fish [UNKNOWN] for two. We have some great gelato too. Come over here and I'll show you some gelato. Here, we're finishing the true colors salad. We use some fresh oregano on top, fresh parsley, tarragon, and some bread. That's amazing. Very fresh. Then we have a wild [INAUDIBLE]. How many flavors Do you make everyday. We only have about eight flavor. And then this is our pizza, so we make our own pizza, sort of like [FOREIGN], [FOREIGN]. So tell us why you chose to do an italian accented? There you go. Do you see that cone, fresh cone for that? [SOUND] Amazing. Tell us about the inspiration for the design. The design was sort of like a country style Italian restaurant, very simple. So like a modern trattoria. With wood table, wood chairs, and those gigantic oven where we cook everything in wood. Chicken, fish, meat, anything we can roast we roast in the oven. What percentage of the menu Is prepared in the oven. We have about, I will say, [BLANK_AUDIO] 90% of what we cook, except the pasta, is cooked in the oven. Great. And will you be open for lunch and dinner? We'll be open for lunch and dinner, starting this Thursday. Well, thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you for joining us, and please come visit us at [UNKNOWN] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Chef Laurent Tourondel Shares a Sneak Preview of L'Amico