Chef Jowett Yu's Favorite Hong Kong Restaurants

In this video, chef Jowett Yu of Ho Lee Fook takes you on a tour of his favorite Hong Kong restaurants including the best spot for breakfast noodle soups, incredible streets food stalls and a NYC Italian transplant.

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[MUSIC] My name is Jowett Yu and I'm the chef of Ho Lee Fook in Hong Kong. Ho lee fook we're a funky Chinese kitchen that draws inspiration from everywhere. I think Hong Kong is one the best places to eat. Chinese food in the world. You get the best version of Chinese food that comes from everywhere in China. [MUSIC] I think people should make a point of just eating as much Chinese food as they can when the come to Hong Kong, just really get into it. [MUSIC] For breakfast I love to come to Mak An Kee on Wing Kut Street they have prawn wanton noodle soups with a really clear broth and its perfect to start the day with, lets go. I always add just touch of red vinegar Because the noodles are alkaline noodles, a bit of acidity helps to balance out the pH level in the noodle and then you just mix it through. [MUSIC] [NOISE] And in Hong Kong, Sipping noodles is not a crime. So just go ahead and slurp away. [MUSIC] If the weather permits in Hong Kong, when it's not too hot, it's not raining, this is my favorite place to eat For lunch. Basically this is a whole street full of Dai Pai **** in central. What that means is a street food stall where there's a lot of seafood, a lot of woks, just small stir fry dishes. [FOREIGN] [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] If you really wanna get a pulse of Hong Kong life, Here's the best place for lunch. This I've got here is goose and char siu on rice. In Hong Kong, the Cantonese barbecue is one of the most popular lunch options for people. It's got meat, it's got rice, and you can get a side of vegetables and soup. So it's a good option to get everything. [MUSIC] So the char siu Soy leans on the sweet side. And you can also get goose. Specifically, you can ask for breasts or leg but there might be a surcharge for leg because everybody loves a leg. It's the fattest part of the goose, it's delicious. It's the best way to taste [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] For dinner, I love Carbone, it's a New York Italian style restaurant with party food, loud music, swift service and amazing atmosphere. Here, we have veal parmesan. It's my favorite dish, it's no fed veal With bread crumbs smothered with tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese. And I love the fact that they serve it table side. It's good to share with a couple of people. What for a hungry guy like me I can eat this by myself. [MUSIC] After work when I'm done service This is the place I come to get a curry fish ball, Lo mein, chicken wings, or whatever. It's cheap, but it's absolutely delicious. So, this is very traditional, straight food in Hong Kong. This is, basically, a fish paste that's been blended with some starch, and then cooked in a curry stock So it's spicy, it's springy, it's got loads of MSG and it's absolutely delicious after drinking. [MUSIC] So that is a wrap-up of my favorite places to eat. Hope to see you soon in Hong Kong. [MUSIC]
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Chef Jowett Yu's Favorite Hong Kong Restaurants