Chef Jason Stratton on the Pros and Cons of Culinary School

In this clip from Chefs Feed, Top Chef alum Jason Stratton shares his thoughts on culinary school and offers some sage advice for future chefs.

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No, I didn't go to culinary school. It's interesting, I can see the value in it for a lot of people. One thing that I would always say is that, even if you are going to culinary school, finding a kitchen that you really respect Is very important. Culinary school is great in terms of teaching you the basics and teaching you a lot of information. And all about being a good cook versus a mediocre cook is what you do with that information. The sooner you can start applying what you Learn, the better. But, you really have to find a good fit. That's one of the pieces of advice I do give to picks, even if they are in culinary school, or coming into an internship in a restaurant. You're at such a crucial point right now, make sure your first steps are ones you really feel confident in. You want to fall in love with the restaurant, because you want to You work hard. You want to believe in what you're doing. You can pick up a lot of bad habits really quickly. Be really self-aware and believe in what you're doing. That in itself will teach you more than, I believe, than sitting in a class and learning how to de-bone a chicken. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Chef Jason Stratton on the Pros and Cons of Culinary School