The Catbird Seat in Nashville

In this clip of The Catbird Seat in Nashville, former chef Trevor Moran describes an unusual sample dish. It's just one stop on our video tour of Nashville, shot by Emily Elyse Miller of Trends on Trends.

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My name is Trevor and this is my current favorite dish at The Catbird Seat restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm serving up some burnt bread, and some charcoal grilled break with some marrow from inside a country ham bone, which I think is kind of fun cuz it's all the saltines and like funk of the aged meat is. It sort of penetrates the bone, and you get this really intense flavor. And then we've topped that off with some fat for creaminess. So it's like a country ham serving without the country ham. I like it cuz it's familiar to people. It's not challenging, but it's showing them a new product. And it's very light but also very intense. [MUSIC]
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The Catbird Seat in Nashville