Carla Hall: Tiny Cookies

Carla Hall explains why she's given up making normal-sized cookies in favor of ones the size of sugar cubes.

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[MUSIC] So, I have these little tiny cookies. The reason I make them so small is because I want to have a variety of things. I don't want to commit to one What I would say a big **** thing. So I want lots of little things. And the cookies started out when you go through a buffet line and there are big things, people always break them off. And no one eats that other half. And so that means that my time and my effort and my profit is in that other half that is sitting on the platter. And so I said okay I'm going to make something that is so small. That you can't break it. So I started making these tiny cookies. But it's really funny. When you have someone taste these cookies for the first time, they take this little cookie, which is the size of a sugar cube, and they bite it like this. Whenever you have to do your mouth like a chipmunk you know should just pop the whole thing in your mouth. Just pop the whole thing. Commit to that sugar cube. Right? [MUSIC]
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Carla Hall: Tiny Cookies