Can You Smoke a Salad? Yes, Yes You Can

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We're here in my garden. We're 610 Magnolia. I'm Edward Lee and we're gonna pick some greens. These are sage blossoms. Some spring lettuces. That's some nice tight parsley. This is actually a sawdust that comes from our bourbon barrels that we chop up. And it's gonna take this smoke. [BLANK_AUDIO] So this is our salad that we do in summer. And it's kind of a homage to barbecue. A little carrot puree, rotisserie carrots, chard cabbage. So Japanese turnips, pickled green strawberries. Smoked great. So we can unravel that. Fiddle around the plate a little bit. All right, perfect. There it is. That's it. That's our barbecued vegetable plate with some smoked greens.
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Can You Smoke a Salad? Yes, Yes You Can