Watch Us Trick People Into Eating Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts

The phrase “trick or treat” is really just code for “give me candy.” All the emphasis is on the treat, with almost no attention paid to the more entertaining half of the saying. Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple decided to do something about that in the first ever edition of Mad Genius Pranks. He dressed up some Brussels sprouts as chocolate truffles and wandered around the office feeding them to unsuspecting candy lovers. The results… well, you can see for yourself.

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I'm Justin Chapple of Mad Genius Tips and this Halloween it's all about the trick and not the treat. [MUSIC] I am making Brussel Sprout chocolates. And I am gonna dress these up like popular chocolates and we are gonna have some fun at the expense of my co-workers I got my brussels sprouts ready. Let's have some Halloween party. Happy Halloween. How are you? Are you ready to trick or treat with us? Right now? i have made a mad genius version of a very popular chocolate candy. And i'd like to get your opinion on it. Is there something weird wrapped in there? What's the catch? [LAUGH] Is this a trick? Why am I suspicious of this? Looks so amazing. No offense. It looks very nice. It is hand rolled. Mm [MUSIC] [LAUGHING]. Mm-hm [LAUGHING] [LAUGHING] My god. I hate you! You're so mean [LAUGHING] [MUSIC] [LAUGHING] [COUGH] Wait, what is this? That thing is weird. I think it's spoiled, God! [LAUGHING] What is in there. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Is that broccoli? You just ate a brussels sprout. [LAUGH] Well it's healthy. You just ate a brussels sprout. That makes a lot of sense. It's not even a good brussels sprout. [LAUGH] So it's a cold brussels sprout? [MUSIC] Looks a little overcooked inside. Are they both Brussel sprouts? They're both Brussel sprouts. Damn it. I thought it was a truffle, but it's the Brussel sprouts truffle. Thanks, Justin. Thank you very much for including me in this. [UNKNOWN] Do you want another one? No. [SOUND] That's different, but it's good. You eat the rest? Wow, you've really liked it. Yeah. It's really good. I think this is definitely magic. Yeah. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Watch Us Trick People Into Eating Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts