Bourbon Boom: Why It’s Making a Comeback

After a generation of slowed bourbon whiskey consumption a billion dollar bourbon boom is upon us and distilleries around Kentucky are stacked with millions of barrels.

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Based on recently released data, apparently bourbon drinkers are partying like it's 1970. That was the last year the bourbon business saw a surge similar to the 1.2 million barrels Kentucky distilleries filled in 2013. It's the Billion Dollar Bourbon Boom, which Clay Risen with Fortune writes It seems to have come out of nowhere. But he also notes it could be because of bourbon's authenticity. Writing, authenticity is everything today, and bourbon with its long history and made-in-America honesty is as authentic as it gets. Vodka and gin can be made anywhere and are, but bourbon has deep roots in American history. He points out in recent years bourbon whiskey has been seen just about everywhere, from Mad Men on your TV screen, to small craft distilleries. The Kentucky Distillers Association reports bourbon production has increased by 150% over the past 15 years. At the end of 2013, there were well over five million aging barrels in Kentucky warehouses. Eric Gregory, President of the association said, we're pushing productions and inventories past milestones not seen in generations. The boom brings jobs, tourists, and helps boost local economies. Gregory adds numbers show a clear forecast that the Bourbon revolution has no signs of slowing down.
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Bourbon Boom: Why It’s Making a Comeback