Bobby Flay: Shrimp Tamales

Watch star chef Bobby Flay prepare fresh corn tamales — the signature dish at Mesa Grill.

Watch star chef Bobby Flay prepare fresh corn tamales — the signature dish at Mesa Grill at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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[MUSIC] This first dish is basically the signature dish of Mesa Grill. This first one we're going to make is a fresh corn tamales and obviously you want to start with fresh corn so this is corn that we just took off the husk. And we're going to put this all in a food processor. Chopped onions I have red onions you can use white onions if you like. And then some water. Now if you want to use chicken stock obviously you can do that. And this kinda just to get it going. And at this point, you know, we haven't cooked anything. The onions are still raw, the corn is still raw. Now, we're gonna take this mixture. You see how loose it is. You know, there's all kinds of corn meals. It's not corn flour, it's not the really coarse corn meal. I want the corn meal to be fine so that when it cooks it really blossoms and becomes nice and light. So we're going to add a little corn meal here As you notice I measure very carefully. [LAUGH] You want sort of a loose mixture. Okay. Now we're gonna add some butter. Here's the deal, no one's gonna know. [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] Only you. A little bit of salt and pepper. [NOISE] We're just gonna take this butter and make it disappear into our corn dough, and basically, you just kind of fold the butter in. And it's obviously gonna make it nice and rich. Delicious. Okay, and that's your corn dough mixture. All right? Now these are dried corn husks. You have to soak them for at least a couple of hours, or even overnight, that's totally fine. So that they become really nice and pliable, OK? All right, so you're going to take a little bit of the corn dough, the massa, they call it, and then you're going to take another one of your wrappers, and you're just going to Make strips and these are gonna actually help tie them together. You wanna fold it all the way and you just take one of your strips and you tie it. What you do at this point is you take it and you steam them for about 30 to 45 minutes. They're really hard to overcook. So we're gonna make our sauce. We're gonna take some onions, some white onions And we're gonna sweat them. Roasted garlic. When you take a head of garlic, cut off the top of it, rub it with a little oil, put it in the oven at 300 degrees about 45 minutes, it changes everything about the flavor of the garlic. We're gonna take a little white wine, so we could let that cook after a little while. We take a little heavy cream Bring it to a boil and you let it simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes. You don't really want it to reduce cuz we're gonna reduce it a little bit later. We just want the garlic and the onions and the cream to become one and you want that nice garlic flavor to kinda mellow out a little bit. Some canola oil. Okay, and we're gonna take some shrimp and always season everything on both sides with salt and pepper. Good shrimp should almost have like a crunch to it almost when you cook it correctly. You cook it one side, you turn it over and take it off the heat and I'm gonna add my garlic cream sauce and then we're gonna add some fresh corn, and then some cilantro. And always fresh herbs at the very last second, okay. Right before you finish it. All right, we cut off one end of the tamale. Make a slit in the middle, kind of just sprinkle it around a little bit. [NOISE] This is my favorite part of the demo here in Aspen, cuz we don't get to feed you guys, I taste it, and you have to believe me. Mm-hm, wow, that's good. [LAUGH] Okay, So we're going to take our shrimp. Our gigantic shrimp. I don't think we need five of these. Cuz it's going to take over the dish. And then you take the sauce. And you make sure the sauce gets into the masa. So it really kind of moistens all that good corn masa. A little bit of fresh cilantro, and here's my secret sauce. This is a smoked red pepper sauce that we always have in the, you don't have to do this but since I have it I'm gonna just put it on. It brings the flavors together, colors together. And there you go. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Bobby Flay: Shrimp Tamales