Bobby Flay: Honey-Glazed Salmon

Chef Bobby Flay grills salmon with a fruity ancho chile glaze and serves it with black bean puree.

Chef Bobby Flay grills salmon with a fruity ancho chile glaze and serves it with black bean puree at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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[MUSIC] The next dish, is a salmon dish. The salmon is grilled. And it has a glaze on it with some honey, and some mustard, and some ancho chilis. It sits on a bed of black bean sauce. And it is also a jalapeno creme in the black bean puree. You hear a lot about soaking beans, or dried beans before you cook them, and basically the good reason for that is that it will cut the cooking time in half. Dried beans can take hours and hours and hours. We're gonna put them in some more water with some onions and some garlic. And make sure there's an abundance of water, because the beans are going to expand. And then we're gonna take some chipotles, put a couple of those in there, and some cumin. Cumin is that earthy spice that you find a lot in Mexican cooking. We would bring this to a boil then turn it down to a simmer And we probably cook these for somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour. So if you soak them, it just cuts the cooking time down tremendously. Now you have a choice. You can make sort of a chunky black bean sauce or a pureed one. I'm using a pureed one for this one just because I think it works really well with the salmon. Let's make this glaze because it's very simple. Some honey, some Dijon mustard And some ancho chile powder. Now you could use whatever kind of chile powder you want. Obviously, there are ones that are hotter, there are ones that are sweeter. Ancho chiles, they're sort of fruitier. We're gonna take some sour cream. Now you want to make sure that you really roast the peppers cuz they're such good sweet Flavor in the [UNKNOWN] peppers and if you don't cook them it doesn't come out as much. Leave the seeds in. It's not necessary to take them out. If you take the seeds out of the pepper, a lot of people say that it takes a lot of the heat out of it. But I always say if you are using a chili pepper why take the heat out. Okay. We have our creama. Okay. Season both sides with salt and pepper. So let's see what happens. Wanna hear that sizzle. And you wanna leave it alone until it gets really nice and crusty on one side. We flip it once, turn down the heat. Let it cook through. And you wanna taste the flavor of the salmon. So if you over cook it, obviously you're gonna lose some of that. Yeah, it doesn't really get the lines. but it gets a really nice crust. That's what you wanna see. Now we're gonna take our glaze [BLANK_AUDIO] just like one thin layer, you don't want to over do it. You still want to taste the flavor of the salmon. [BLANK_AUDIO] We're gonna put this in to the oven [BLANK_AUDIO] So now we're gonna take some of our black bean sauce. [BLANK_AUDIO] And it's such a beautiful color, it's so black it's almost purple. [BLANK_AUDIO] Wow. Man is this oven fast. [LAUGH] Okay, so then we're gonna take our salmon. This is a good way to serve it at home, obviously, family style. That's the only way I serve at home. You would never see me, if there's 12 people at my house, we don't send out 12 plates of individual salmon. We're gonna take our creamer here. [BLANK_AUDIO] And then this some oil that I just mixed with a little bit of cilantro, and it just brings out the color of the plate, you'll see this. And do we have our trusty red pepper sauce? Yeah, why not. [BLANK_AUDIO] That's a little flavor of Mesa Grill. Thank you so much for coming. My name is Bobbie Flay, have a great time. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Bobby Flay: Honey-Glazed Salmon