The Best: Jim Meehan

Cocktail expert Jim Meehan demonstrates how to make what he considers the best drink out there: a classic daiquiri.

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Hi my name is Jim Meehan I'm the managing partner of PDT in New York City and the deputy editor of Food and Wine's annual cocktail book. I'm here to tell you that the daiquiri is what I believe to be the best cocktail. Why would you say the daiquiri? A simple combination of rum, lime and sugar. Well perhaps it's not that simple. When I look at a cocktail like the daiquiri, three ingredients. Every ingredient matters. The quality of the rum, how the simple syrup was made, how the bartender thought about the drink when they were shaking it. More about that it's considering the person in front of you. This is a recipe that allows the bartender To relate to the guest and to build a bridge between them. Do they like their drinks strong? Do they like the drink sour? Do they like it sweet? In many ways, the modularity of the daiquiri is what makes it the best. You can play with these components of the cocktail, adding a little bit more rum, subtracting a little bit of lime, increasing the sugar, and then maybe shaking it longer. And this will create a different cocktail based on your preferences. Today I made a daiquiri with sour and strong. I'm just gonna see if I was right. I think so. [MUSIC]
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The Best: Jim Meehan