The Best: Dave Pasternack

Chef Dave Pasternack demonstrates how to clean what he believes to be the world's best fish: the black sea bass.

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Hi, I'm Dave Pasternack from Esco Restaurant. For me, there is no better fish than the king of fish, waxy bass. [MUSIC] People always say, where does the best fish come from and I tell them, in my back yard. Well, where's your back yard, it's along the south shoreline All along the South Shore we have many sunken ships. The sea bass live in the little nooks and crannies and you go in there, you got to get them out of the nooks and crannies, and when you get them out, it's worth the effort. You know one of the reasons I personally love this fish is you are what you eat. This fish eats claims, crabs, lobsters. A lot of the time you catch them, little crabs in his belly, a little lobster claw hanging out of his mouth. How bad can you be if you're eating lobster and crabs? If we look at a filet, right? It has beautiful sweet, sticky white meat that's buttery and rich, unctuous in a way that many fish do not possess. I get excited when I catch them, I get excited when I eat them. You just throw it in the oven, little olive oil, a little lemon. The meat is that good that you know Really need a whole lot, a little bit of sea salt. That's it, perfect. [MUSIC]
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The Best: Dave Pasternack