The Best Cooking Oils

Bobby Flay explains what oils you should use to cook and when extra virgin olive oil isn't the right choice.

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The question is, is the olive oil extra virgin. Yes, it is extra virgin. You know, generally if I'm cooking something I don't use extra virgin olive oil. To me I have a couple of different oils in my cupboard. I have canola oil to cook with and then I have sort of what they call pure olive oil which is. You know, not extra virgin. It's somewhere in the middle, and then I have extra virgin olive oil. Rule of thumbs for me is that I don't usually cook with extra virgin olive oil especially if for, it's a long period of time. In this case, it's gonna be fine because we're not cooking for that long. But basically, I don't wanna cook extra virgin olive oil. Its got a high viscosity its thick and the burning point is quick so you don't wanna create any bitterness in the olive oil. Canola oil peanut oil vegetable oil those are the things you should cook with. Extra virgin olive oil you should splatter over greens or over a piece of grilled fish or after it comes off the grill. That's a great question.
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The Best Cooking Oils