The Art of Clay: Clam Lab

Ceramicist Clair Catillaz opens her studio to filmmaker James Casey.

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Okay, my name is Claire Katellis. I throw. I work on a cake wheel. I really like the silence. I enjoy being alone. I enjoy being able to focus in on something that's maybe even a little bit mundane sometimes. Looking at something spin around and around in a circle forever. You can get lost in that for sure. [SOUND] There are certainly times where you really have to be paying attention, [SOUND] but I think the best things happen when you have sort of a loose attention. [SOUND] A loose Or lose focus on what you're doing. I try to have at least one little surprise in there, kind of like how the good things happen. An unexpected pop of color, little bumps, little warts, sometimes craters. I mean I do make white dishes, but that would be so boring if that's all I did. I want to be a scientific methodical linear person but I'm not. I always work in batches. So that like sort of it's a family of pieces that are all coming out. There's no individuals until it comes out of a cone. So I'll also like have favorites like while I'm making them but then that can dramatically change as soon as I see the finished thing. Like my favorite thing During the process, I will just immediately look at it and say it's ugly, and throw it away. [LAUGH] Cool. [LAUGH] Great. Thanks.
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The Art of Clay: Clam Lab