Behind the Scenes at Vail Mountain

T+L editor Amy Farley takes a unique look at America's largest single ski resort.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Amy Farley an editor at Travel and Leisure magazine. I grew up skiing Vail and I come hear each winter now with my own family. I know this mountain well, but today I get to see it from behind the scenes from the eyes of the people who get this enormous operation running every day. To give you a sense of the magnitude that we're talking about here in Vail. Vail has 5,289 acres. So, here's a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of America's largest ski resort. To keep its vast terrain in shape, Vail has 30 SnowCats and 70 operators. They work through the night. Their shift ends, right when your ski day begins. It's 8:30 AM and the lifts are officially open. [BLANK_AUDIO] Vail is home to one of the worlds largest and best ski schools. There are over 1000 instructors here. [BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE] what's you favorite thing about Vail? Skiing>> I'm 11,200 feet above sea level. Behind me are Vale's famous back bowls. On a clear day you can see for miles, but today is a powder day. This is what its all about. My favorite part of vale, the greeters at [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] And in Two Elk Lodge, the largest of Vail's restaurants, Two Elk sold 20,000 burgers to hungry skiers and snowboarders last year alone. We're here with Ryan Schmidt, epic mix photographer. So, whats the strangest request you had for a photograph? You know the list s long, but we had one Just recently. [MUSIC] We're here with Billy Madison ski patrol supervisor. So what's the one, two maybe three most important things people need to remember to stay safe in the mountain? >. I think the most important thing to stay safe in the mountain is to be aware of your surroundings Keep your head on a swivel. It's the end of the ski day for me. I'm heading off to the bar for a beer. But not the groomers. Their work is just beginning. [MUSIC]
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Behind the Scenes at Vail Mountain