BBQ Genius Aaron Franklin's Favorite Brisket Tacos

Watch this clip to see why Franklin loves the juicy, mesquite-smoked brisket tacos at Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ.

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At the restaurant this is the kinda stuff I make for breakfast. A fresh flour tortilla, a slice of brisket, some salsa, some guac, and a little bit of sea salt and lime. But here it seems to be a whole lot better than what I can produce. [MUSIC] So I kept on hearing about this Valentina's Tex-Mex. And I don't really go out of my way I'm around it all the time. It's not really my favorite thing to do, but this stuff taste different. This is really about eh only place in town other then my own barbecue that I'll actually go eat barbecue at. The gal cooks on mesquite and that is a lot different from what we cook on. We cook [UNKNOWN]. Mesquite's a really, really intense flavor normally. They use mesquite but it's delicate Heavy salt. Heavy pepper. The fat's rendered really, really well. This is the finest mesquite brisket I've ever had. And oh my God, the flour tortillas. They're the real thick floury kind and they're so fresh and they're so buttery and soft. And there aren't a lot of places in town to get a homemade tortilla, especially flour. A lot of places make corn but let's get real. We're talking Tex [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] You take the artistry and the craftsmanship that's involved in making a really, really great tortilla. You spend all this time making a great brisket. So to be able to get this, pretty much on demand any time, is quite a feat really. Cuz it just doesn't happen this way. Yeah, that's flipping good. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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BBQ Genius Aaron Franklin's Favorite Brisket Tacos