Babu Ji Goes to San Francisco

After launching the successful Indian canteen Babu Ji in New York City last year, chef Jesse Singh is opening another outpost of the beloved and perpetually packed spot—this time in San Francisco. In the second episode of Restaurant Roots, F&W follows the budding restaurateur as he prepares to bring his brand of flavorful, modern Indian food out West.

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We all enjoy food, so I try to create food all of use like. Cuz for me food brings people together, but I'm not a trained chef. Never went to a culinary school, I just do what I do, and I really love it. [MUSIC] My name is Jessi Singh. I'm a chef and owner of Babu's in New York, soon to be in San Francisco. Babu Ji, is flavorful, clean, Indian Food, that New York didn't have. We opened on June, 2015, in Alphabet City. And within a few days we got received very well. All the locals came in tasted Babu Ji food they really loved it. They were so proud of Babu Ji. We are now opening a restaurant in San Francisco and it's stressful because it's very hard to please when people are there to judge you from day one. Oyster with a pickle butter and garlic cheese nan pizza. This is the dish we have featured today that we will be opening our restaurant with in San Fransisco. Back in time Chef [INAUDIBLE] where the food critics give you some time to clean up. But, those days are over. Now, from the day one. These are oyster dishes. We are going to have green mango pickled butter oyster. The second one's going to be smoked chili pickled butter oysters. I am not going to waste that. The main reason for us to open San Francisco, is to showcase a flavorful, clean Indian food, and a space that everybody can share and enjoy. We did that in Australia. We did that in New York. I think we can do that in San Francisco. The piece that we're making we're testing with some [UNKNOWN] and [UNKNOWN]. In my part of India we eat this for breakfast so that's what inspired me to test this dish. Roll it out, [MUSIC] Yeah. I always love cooking food and my mom, grandma always tried to push me. Get out and get your And I just never gave up, they finally kind of got it like I really liked cooking. Then I slowly start learning from them, this prepping and cooking with them that's how I got really into cooking. So the day I stop love cooking that will be my last day Working on restaurant. [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] It mean you can think again and again, again in dealing time you will not take your stress away. That's the philosophy
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Babu Ji Goes to San Francisco