Austin Food & Wine Festival: Best BBQ

Where does one find the best BBQ in Austin? FWx surveyed the experts.

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[MUSIC] Here in Austin and in Virons, you have everything from Aaron Franklin's Franklin Barbecue, Lambert's, Buhelrs, Black axe go to Lockhart and check out you know prices and smiddities. Oh, Time Loves Wood shed has great barbecue. Cooper's in Lando, a childhood favorite was Lunn's just between just outside of junction. Franklin. I had the pleasure and was lucky to be able to eat there last time I was here. For ACL- Yeah And it was mind blowing we got a tour of the space and got to see all the smokers and talk about how much they actually cook and I think it's actually 1500 pounds of brisket on a Saturday. Yeah. So, I'd say Louis Millers and Taylor's for sure that's a must stop place, heavy on the pepper, been there a long time, Wayne's a great guy, awesome place. Snows in Lexington Texas. They're only open on Saturdays, they open at eight. You can roll in about nine or ten, even 11 maybe but they do run out pretty early. I think Tom Nickleplate is a really cool place, he's got a little trailer on East 11th Street. Super cool dude, he's doing pretty legit barbecue over there. And then up in Dallas I like Pecan Lodge a lot. I have been known to maybe eat a little Salt Lake barbecue, maybe at the airport, maybe to go. I'm that guy that's sitting next to you on the airplane eating Like a big styrofoam container of barbecue. You know that guy! That's me, I'm that guy. [MUSIC]
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Austin Food & Wine Festival: Best BBQ