Dona Chai founder Amy Rothstein introduces her family of Brooklyn chai enthusiasts.

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Okay so, Donna Chai is Dane, Dan, Peter, Jenna and me. For three months I rarely left my apartment.. It was me, in my kitchen, in my apartment, grinding spices, steeping chai, tasting chai. There were days where I thought it was impossible and I would be crying. And then there were days that I I just didn't wanna be around spices but ultimately I figured it out and now it's a very distant memory. We first grind the spices. We steep them, people will come over and say what's that? It smells so good. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah it does. It does smell good. After that we cool it, we sweeten it, and then we bottle it. I don't claim that my chai is authentic, an authentic Indian chai, because it's my chai. It's a Brooklyn chai. Is Dona Chai. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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The Art of Chai