Anthony Giglio: Southern Italian Wines 101

Cocktail book author and mixologist Anthony Giglio reviews the history of Southern Italian wines.

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[MUSIC] I grew up in an Italian-American family. And the joke all week has been, because my whole family's here. My parents My sister-in-law, my two sisters, my kids, but it's like the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond is here behind me. So it's everybody love Anthony is the joke, but I grew up in a very, very big Italian family, very close knit. How many have dined in Italian households? It's not so bad in the basement, right? It's really that bad. [LAUGH] There's the show house, there's the show living room with the plastic furniture, there's the show kitchen that you dust Down in the basement is where it all happens. We have fantastic amounts of super eight photography from the 60s. Everyone partying like they're at the Waldorf Astoria. It's the basement of my house in Jersey City. This is to put it all in perspective. It is New Year's Eve 1966. My parents are attending. Then [UNKNOWN] in their basement, that's posted by my grandparents. My mother comes down, and she's in a floor length, white sequins gown. Her hair is 1966 Priscilla Presley, beehive in an unnatural black, not her hair color. And she looks gorgeous, and she's out to here, pregnant with me. And then, all of the sudden, there's mom with the aunts. And they're all sitting in a circle and they're holding in their hands Parliaments and their family's saying Happy New Year and my mother actually patted her belly with her Parliament and Manhattan and toast. This explains my taste for bourbon to this day. [LAUGH] And my height! So, Italian lessons. You got here. We're gonna talk about some phonetics that will help you on your path to southern Italy. We are talking about This speed bump of Italian which is in my name, the GL which becomes [SOUND]. Like a million, the ly sound in million. So you have [FOREIGN]
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Anthony Giglio: Southern Italian Wines 101