Anthony Giglio: Five S's of Tasting

According to cocktail book author and mixologist Anthony Giglio, the five S's of wine tasting include: See, Swirl, Sniff and Swish. Can you guess the fifth?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] We have five Ss of tasting. The five Ss are such, But first is to see the wine. You actually wanna hold the glass over something white like your tasting sheet and just hold it sideways. And you look down through the glass. What we're doing is, we're looking at the depth of color. Can you see through this wine? Also, that rim, that little halo around the edge, that halo around the rim is a secret about the wine. How old is the wine? How brown is it at the rim or not? If the rim is really thick. It could be as thick as my thumb nail, it is very, very old. We are going take this glass and give it a swirl. The second it swirl. We have alcohol here. We are vaporizing alcohol. We want the alcohol to come up on the side of the glass it vaporizes and you get a smell of perfume. The third S is to sniff. So we are looking for fruity things and earthy thing in red wine. We don't want wet cardboard. When we were tasting them earlier we had two corked wines today. Not so bad, but it happens and they smell like rank, wet cardboard, something you found in the basement. We wanna smell
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Anthony Giglio: Five S's of Tasting