Anthony Giglio: Chilling Wine

Cocktail book author and mixologist Anthony Giglio proposes an at-home test to try to better understand how temperature adjustment affects the quality and taste of wine.

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[MUSIC] I want you to take an ice bucket and put in the sink. And it's not the Crate and Barrel perfectly formed little ice bucket that is this big and does nothing. Put a tulip in there, plant it, and give it to your mother for Easter, you're done. In my house, stereotypes are true. My ice bucket is a big mother of an Italian pasta pot, and it goes in the sink. And I fill it with as much as I can get in there. And then, unlike most waiters I know, I fill it with water, because an ice bucket is useless without water. Now, take that bottle, take three glasses and put them out in a row. Open the bottle, pour one room temp pour, into the bath. This is a bath, an ice bath. Take it out after five minutes, second pour, five minutes, third pour.
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Anthony Giglio: Chilling Wine