Andrew Zimmern: Fried Chicken with Salted Lime

Andrew Zimmern takes ordinary buttermilk-fried chicken to the next level with zesty, dried salted limes.

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[SOUND] I'm gonna show you the bitterest dish that I know. Strangest ingredient that you've never heard of. These are limes that have been salted and dried. They smell like sweet lime but they're very, very bitter and you can see here that using a microplane we can actually Break apart this incredibly potent black lime. Here's some chicken thigh pieces. I'm coating them in flour. Dredge those, and drop them into the fryer. By the way, when your hand gets nice and floury, do not use hot water. Hot water activates the gluten, right? Cold water, you don't even need to really do anything to it. Your hand will just wash clean. If you put hot water on it, you're gonna have a problem. Our delicious chicken here. I'm gonna go right there. We're gonna season that with salt and lots and lots of dried lime. Cuz when it hits that fried chicken, and it releases all that citrus flavor, especially as you get past the rind and into the meat of it, It transforms ordinary buttermilk fried chicken into this remarkable dish. And so now I'm gonna actually take cuz I don't wanna lose any of that salt or black lime. And we have this gorgeous dish [APPLAUSE]. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Andrew Zimmern: Fried Chicken with Salted Lime