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From the U.N. to the Hudson, 42nd Street is both New York’s central artery and its pulsating heart. T+L strolls from river to river and discovers a microcosm of the city—and the world.

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[NOISE] Behind me is 42nd street. It runs from the East River all the way to the Hudson across Manhattan. We're gonna walk this street from one end to the other and see as much as we can. I'm Andrew McCarthy, this is my neighborhood. Let's go see it. [MUSIC] The world convenes at the United Nations, just above the east end of 42nd Street. Making the rounds, really? Welcome. [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [LAUGH] [NOISE] I love New York. [NOISE] You always know the out of towers. They're the ones waiting on the curb. The New Yorkers are in the street. The Chrysler building is my favorite building in New York. Just west is the most famous train station in the country. Three-quarters of a million people pass through Grand Central every day. But there's more to this place that just trains. [MUSIC] Let's eat. I'll take another. A short walk away, things are a lot quieter. [MUSIC] Great place to spend the afternoon. The library also happens to have a beautiful backyard. I love Bryant park. It has the most European feel of any park in town. [MUSIC] Just one block west of this oasis is the most chaotic corner in the country, Times Square. Crossroad to the world. [INAUDIBLE] closed part to Broadway off to. Pedestrian traffic only. Best idea he ever had. [MUSIC] No part of 42nd street has changed more than this block between 7th and 8th. Used to be all drugs and prostitutes. Institution. Now it's Disney. [MUSIC] I'll get the whole background. I got it. How's that look? Can you get more of the background, please? More background, right. This far west section of 42nd Street isn't so much a neighborhood being rebuilt. As one is being born. [MUSIC] A lot of rats down there? Some. Yeah your a better man than me. It's a living. Yeah [LAUGH]. [MUSIC] Here's the end of the line 42nd to 12 It's the Hudson River, Circle-Line, The Intrepid, it's New jersey beyond that. Nice walk. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Andrew McCarthy's 42nd Street | Travel + Leisure