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Hi, I'm Amy, Travel and Leisure's news editor. As the trip doctor I'm the magazine's official problem solver. My motto is "there's no such thing as a travel disaster, just mistakes you can learn from." Like the time I nearly forgot to give my infant daughter a passport before heading on an international flight. My goto getaway from New York is Montreal, which is everything I need. Great hotels, fun neighborhoods to explore, terrific restaurants, plus an eclectic live music scene. I'm a skiing fanatic, and Vail is my favorite mountain on earth. The views from the top of Blue Sky Basin are unbeatable, but it's the moguls on the slopes Below that keep me coming back. With two young kids, i've learned the hard way. Don't leave home without loading my iPad full of children's games and books. You never know when your gonna get stuck on a runway. I took two honeymoons, one was a quick road trip through Montana and Wyoming on my way to a wedding to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The other was a South African safari. Which was my favorite? I'll let you guess. If you have a travel question or dilemma, tweet me. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Amy Farley