America's Best Artisans: The White Moustache

Homa Dashtaki of The White Moustache demonstrates how she makes her company's thick, custardy yogurt.

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[SOUND] [MUSIC] Yogurt was always something that we made at home. We never made bread at home. We were just like, other people can do that better. But yogurt we knew we could do really well. [MUSIC] Hi my name is [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] and I am the founder of White Moustache Yogurt located in here in Red [UNKNOWN]. So my family is Iranian and I was born in Iran. For us our yogurt takes three days to make. We we're making yogurt at home forever since I was a kid I don't think I have any secrets to be honest, besides the fact that like, we do things the old fashioned way. Like, our secret is our technique, really. Our yogurt on purpose, is made to be very decadent, and very luxurious, and creamy, because that's the kind of yogurt I like. So this is like a very selfish endeavor. I love cow's milk. I love whole milk. I love something that tastes very creamy. I wanted something that didn't have crazy amount of calories, had zero cream in it, zero starches. And I knew how to get that texture. It's like the difference between silk sheets. It's [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] Out of the yogurt is sourness, it's very I think it brings out the natural sweetness and creaminess in whole milk. I know this might sound a little crazy but I think yogurt making is an art form. It is so zen. The only thing in your yogurt is milk and probiotics. And then, a lot of magic and then elbow grease. We stir for so long. We get all the lumps out. We make sure it strains for the right amount of Time. We let it cool. These guys, every single jar is coddled as much as possible. [LAUGH] It's kinda crazy. Al the flavors that we put in are based on my jams or preserves that I had growing up as a kid and very Middle Eastern in flavor. The sour cherry, the date So we have 11 flavors, two plain, one being the plain Greek which is our hand strained yogurt. The other one is the plain Persian, which is a looser consistency. Then we have the YALDA, which is a mint and walnut raison one. My favorite flavor is MOOSIR the savory shallot. Just again, that's the most sentimental flavor. To me, I love the idea that when you get that jar and you open it, and you can kind of like slow down and enjoy it and savor it, cause it took me three days to make it, and I hope it takes you like, you know, just a pause, you know like a pause in your day to enjoy it even if you don't want. Or every day. [MUSIC]
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America's Best Artisans: The White Moustache