America's Best Artisans: NYShuk

The artisans behind NYShuk show Food & Wine how to make their amazing harissa.

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[MUSIC] The exciting part is that you open a jar and you have everything that you need. It's not about using a whole drawer of spices. You just open a jar and you cook with it and that's it. You don't need to think about What do I mean, it's just here. Our mission is for people that are thinking about North African cuisine and about Middle Eastern cuisine, they're going to think about us. Its us trying to capture a whole culture and history inside a jar. [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Ron Arazi. I'm Leetal Arazi, and we are the chefs and founders of NYShuk, An artisan Harissa makers based in Brooklyn, NY. The Harissa is like your secret ingredient. I mean, we know that We know the power that it can give to a dish to a meal, and we want people to be able to share that power as well. [MUSIC] So basically [UNKNOWN] is a chilli But it's so much more than that, cuz there is like a whole cuisine that is built around this chili paste. We both grew up in Israel and in our harissa, we just try to capture the real flavor of the peppers, which is Our tradition that's the right way, the correct way to make harissa. [MUSIC] What goes into the harissa, peppers, oil, vinegar, salt Two different types of spices, coriander seed and cumin. So, we took the guajillo pepper and we added some new Mexican varieties of chiles. Eventually the combination of those three, that was the right combination for our heresa. The basic recipe is a family recipe. I make my heresa exactly like my mom makes it, exactly like all of her sisters make it, exactly like her grandma make it. So first You feel some sort of like the flavor of the peppers. You feel a little bit of smokiness, a little bit of chocolatiness. Then comes the spices. Then you understand a little bit of acidity that comes both from the peppers, and a little bit from the vinegar. And only after that you get an aftertaste of heatness [MUSIC] But it doesn't feel like somebody's punching you in in the face. It feels like very warm. [MUSIC] We hope that one day [UNKNOWN] will be an essential kitchen [INAUDIBLE] You can start with salad so you would make just a tomato salad and putting some horisa inside you can make sandwiches with it. Cook with it soup stews use it as a base for anything rub it on chicken and fish grill it. And I think people that will try our horisa will see how different it is. And how intense it is and it's a way for us to kind of Preserve Preserve our legacy and And move it forward and I think it's a beautiful thing. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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America's Best Artisans: NYShuk